University Memories

University will always be memorable to me, even more memorable than High School and Elementary School combined. University is where I truly experienced life and where I met other people and how to be independent. I believe that you really learn how to be independent when you live alone and learn things on your own. It’s crazy because I went through so many things in first year.

First year was really hard for me because I was going through so much. School was not easy anymore. I could honestly say that I was not prepared for school. It was too hard. It required too much time and at the time, all I wanted to do was just chill. It was so easy to be distracted because I wasn’t living at home anymore. I was living alone. I had no rules to live by anymore. It was so hard because I had to apply these rules that I knew about and force myself to live by then or else it wouldn’t be good for me. I almost failed first year because I was chilling too much. Thank God that I had passed and was able to go continue my education in second year engineering in the specialized stream of computer engineering.

Second year was recovery for me. I had gone through so many things in first year that I had to just recover from it. Second year for me was a second chance at university. I started meeting new people, started trying to get my life together, and started meeting the right people. I met my best friends in university and learned so much from everybody. I could honestly say that it was the beginning of new friendships and memories and tough times. I couldn’t believe how amazing this second chance has become and I am truly blessed by it.

One of my favorite memories, was when my friends and I went to this amazing event, we had such a blast, drinking, partying and just generally having a great time. We drunk so much that we had to end up taking a taxi home. It was a night that we would never forget

Third year was awesome. Out of all the years in university, third year was the best for me. It was the hardest academically but it was still amazing because I was so close with my study group. We endured the hardship together and it just brought us closer. We spent so much time with each other that we knew each other so well. I can recall so many late nights studying and cramming for exams. The end goal of third year was to find an internship that paid well because that’s what everyone else was doing. It meant taking a year of to work but that didn’t matter because working is where everyone was going to end up anyways. Third year ended with an amazing moment, everyone in our study group was able to find an internship and we were all going through our separate ways to becoming engineers.

Fast forward one year after internship, I’m finishing my final year of university. At this point, I’ve been through a lot. I learned about relationships, about people, the work force, having friends and being free. It was finally time to finish my journey in my academic career and I definitely finished it off well. I never did so well before until my final year of university. I actually found it easier to do well in courses because of the year of experience I gained in the industry. I learned how to work and how to actually take things seriously. I learned how to be dependent on my own and I learned how to complete tasks in a timely manner. Thank God I was able to finish University and begin the next chapter of my life.