High School Memories

High School was a very interesting time in my life. It was definitely different from elementary school because things got a little bit more serious. I felt like I was a big kid now because I was in High School. I felt like I was smarter, better, and even cooler. I feel like I went through a lot in High School now that I think about it. I learned about how smart people really were and just a different crowd that I had to interact with.

Grade 9 was a really interesting time in my life because I met so many new people. I remember High School had so many events that I went to and I just went there by myself not knowing who I’d meet. It was really cool because I met so many different people. They really gave me an impression that would last a long time. Till this day, I can recall all the events that I went through. It was also not a very difficult time academically because it was just review and easy stuff. Although, I didn’t do too well in math and was really bummed out about it because I thought I was going to end up in the applied stream of courses instead of the academic stream which meant my fate was to be in college instead of university. Honestly in retrospect that was bogus.

Grade 10 was a little different. I met new people still because the new batch of people were now grade 9. I remember meeting a few of the niners and thinking that I was still apart of their generation because they we’re only just one year younger. Grade 10 was pretty easy in terms of academics. I think the only thing that I continued to struggle with was english. I’ve always thought that english was the most tedious and annoying  course to take because the grades were subjective and were dependent on the teacher. I found that it varied and always felt wrong about that.

Grade 11 was the beginning of a serious commitment for me. It was time to get real and start thinking about where I would be going to. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to become yet but I knew I either wanted to work in the trades or wanted to work with computers. A family friend who was landscaper and owned a landscaping service business had been telling me the pros and cons of working for such a company. I also loved working with computers. This was going to be a tough decision. At this stage in life, many people are lost and don’t know what to do yet so they start taking everything they can so they can have options. I decided to focus on computers and started specializing in a few things in computers. I was also doing pretty well in math by now.

Grade 12 was the final step before going to post secondary school. I continued my journey in pursuing computer related courses and specializing in them because I have finally applied to a University for the Engineering program. I felt like it was perfect and I knew exactly what I was going to do. The moment I got my offer letter, I decided to treat myself to an amazing dinner at The Keg!