Elementary School

Elementary School is a place where a lot of growing and learning happens. Usually you find out who the smart kids are in this stage of life because they act and think a bit different and work a little different. I was always the kind of kid who observed other children and tried to copy them if I thought it was the right thing to do. No doubt I was a troublemaker and a bit of a rascal when I was in elementary school, but I tried my best to be a good kid.

I remember when I was In grades 1-3, school was just a place to go to and have fun. I didn’t really think about the activities and things that I was learning about or if I actually did learn. I guess it didn’t really matter to me or I didn’t really think much at the time. I remember one of the kids that I thought was my friend told me that he didn’t really want to hangout with me because he thought I was a bad influence. I thought that was funny at the time because he was a bad influence to me! I guess it doesn’t matter now but in retrospect, I knew that I was a bad kid trying to keep his moral compass straight.

I moved to another school when I was in grade 4 because my family had moved to a brand new house. I remember this time of my life, leaving my old friends didn’t matter because I don’t think I was really friends or close with them. To me, they were just people I knew or talked to but they were not really my best friends or anything. When I moved to the new school though, I met people that became my long life friends that I still talk to today. They’re the kind of friends that I grew up with and chilled and played games with.

As I grew up into the higher grades of elementary school, I began to realize who I was hangout with and how it would affect my personality and decisions. This really helped me decide who I wanted to be friends with and what kind of person I wanted to be. I knew that if I hung out with the people at school who didn’t do too well in terms of grades, then I would also fall into that category. Luckily I knew that the people that I hung out with was pretty smart! They were hard working students and had many hobbies! They loved photography, running, playing board games, and biking! I thought it was really cool and got along well with them.

I remember I had a few friends that just loved to go to another friends house during lunch time because he had a trampoline in his backyard. His backyard has this giant trampoline that all the kids knew about and loved to jump on it. It was so cool because it was so big and you could seriously have so much fun during lunch time. One of the best things I remember as a kid was jumping on that trampoline and just feeling so free! I couldn’t believe that a kid would be so lucky to have a giant trampoline in his backyard.